Hi, I’m Beau.

I’m an e-commerce and online marketing veteran, with over a decade of experience launching and growing online businesses in industries ranging from infoproducts to computer hardware. I’ve created profitable marketing campaigns for all kinds of products and services, using a mix of paid advertising, SEO, social media, and affiliate marketing.

But my real passion is helping other people figure out how to use marketing tools and strategies to start and grow lifestyle businesses they love and feel good about.

The sheer amount of information, conflicting advice, complicated tools, and aspiring gurus out there is enough to make your head spin. Where do you even start? Who can you trust? What tools and traffic channels do you really need?

I’ve spent the past decade figuring this stuff out so you don’t have to. I’ve used just about every tool and tried just about every marketing tactic there is, and have worked directly with experts who have thriving businesses, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you so that you can avoid costly mistakes and frustration and focus on growing your business ethically and profitably.

Me at Affiliate Summit 2012
Beau at ClickBank Exchange 2012

My Background

My path to the world of online business is a bit of a strange one- I was actually a Philosophy major in college! After graduating with no job prospects, I joined the working world in a low-level phone support job at a computer hardware company.

As it turns out, I had a hidden entrepreneurial streak that I used to keep moving up the corporate ladder (for better or worse).

It went something like this: after about a year in any given role, I would get so bored that I knew I either need to quit or find a new job. So I started creating new roles for myself.

I would identify areas of need the company had that weren’t currently being fulfilled and that I was interested in learning, from research and design to marketing, and I’d write up a job description of how I could do that role and the value it would bring to the company.

My bosses nearly always said yes, and I’d get myself a new job without the hassle of job hunting. I also got to constantly be learning new skills and exploring new areas of interest. I’d highly recommend you try this if you’re still in the job world 🙂

Before leaving the corporate world to become an entrepreneur myself, I worked as the Director of Education for ClickBank, where I taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to successfully create, sell, and promote their products. I still consult with top product creators and affiliates on how to improve their sales, introduce new products to the market, and earn more from their marketing efforts.

Other Stuff

First and foremost, I love spending time with my wife and two awesome kids. It helps that I’m still a kid at heart— my biggest hobbies are playing games, building with Legos, painting miniature figures, and playing guitar. I’m also a fanatical supporter of the Arsenal Football Club.

Oh, and along the way I wrote and self-published 4 children’s books, which was a total surprise but has been a lot of fun. You can check out my books here or see the course I created on self-publishing children’s books based on what I learned.

I love reading and learning about new things, and I’m usually reading at least 5 books at a time on subjects ranging from history to business to fantasy to philosophy. All in all, I’m a big nerd and very proud of it 🙂

Beau Signing Children's Books