Have you wanted to create a membership program that brings you recurring income every month and creates an engaged community, but been stressed or overwhelmed by the tech setup required?

Well stress no more, my friends! In this video I share the super simple membership model I’ve been using and recommending.

It works better than just about anything I’ve found to make it easy to let people pay, add and manage members, and keep them active and engaged and sticking around.

The “secret” to this model is using Facebook Groups. They’re great for keeping people active and engaged, because your customers are already on Facebook all the time anyway. One of the biggest membership killers is requiring people to remember another site to log into every day and interact on, whereas with Facebook they’re already doing what comes naturally.

I highly recommend watching the video to get more ideas on how to use Facebook Groups to create a simple, scalable, profitable membership program.

Have questions about creating and managing Facebook-based membership programs? Leave them in the comments!